Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Always I have been an observant person. I am grateful for this because I enjoy watching. You can see amazing examples of life perking along between blades of grass. And the tops of the trees are full of excitement every day. Also, it just so happens that the city is filling a big hole in our street sort of in front of our house that water has aggravated over the years. All of the equipment is bright yellow and the workers are all wearing orange T-shirts. It is quite a project but it has been interesting to watch.

Yesterday, as we were sitting on our deck, I noticed a green hummingbird land in our fountain. For the longest time, he drank water and took a shower before buzzing off. I had never seen one stay in place for that much time. Then this morning for whatever reason, a black crow was trying to fly into our window and he kind of tore up the screen. Apolo did not like it much and tried to chase him away. Weird! Sammy and Sarah Swallow have also decided to move in with us by building a nest in our portico. Oh well. We do not have the heart to smash down their nest. It just means visitors to our house may get dive-bombed for a while.

Yesterday, we received some lovely family news. My nephew, the artist/teacher who made my pottery sink for the powder room, became a Daddy. He and his wife Megan had their first baby in Helena, Montana. My brother sent me pictures over my cell phone before she was even an hour old. Her name is Claire Catherine and she weighed 6 lbs. 3 oz. It just reminds us all that birth is a part of life as is sickness. Most every family has multiple parts of this journey happening at the same time. It is the way it is.

Yep, it is what it is.

UPDATE: Sorry, I assumed the spelling wrong. It is Claire Katherine with a "K" and she weighed 6 lbs. 9 Oz.