Sunday, July 06, 2008

Proud of Myself!

Yesterday, I had a blood transfusion with two units of blood. About half way through the second unit, I started to get the chills and spiked a fever. They finished the unit but my fever kept going up even after everything was finished so, of course, they kept me for observation until about 5 PM. I do not know anything about this so I was a little freaked out. After consultation with my oncologist, the nurses gave me Tylenol and benidryl to stave off the little reaction I was having. I was kind of upset because the whole point of the blood was to help my anemia and make me feel better---not worse. Long story short, the fever did go away and today I have not had one.

This morning my daughter was scheduled to sing the prelude, offertory hymn, Communion hymn, and the postlude at church. Now that we are on a summer schedule and do not have the choir, our music director brings in special music. She asked Kaley to perform and since she has been working on some new operatic pieces, she wanted to try them out. I so much wanted to go hear her plus I haven't been to church or received Communion since my diagnosis. But after running a 102 fever last night, I just was not sure. And mornings are not my best time of day. Church starts at 9:30 and at 8:40, I decided I would go to just hear the prelude if nothing else. I washed my hair and showered. Needless to say, my hair wasn't dry and perfectly curl-ironed but it is funny how certain things that used to seem important no longer are. Lucas and Kaley went early in a separate car and Dave brought me at the last minute. We sat in the back in case I needed to leave.

I sat in the pew and decided I wouldn't stand or kneel. And guess what? I made it through the entire service including going up to the altar to receive Communion and a blessing. Music is healing. Beautiful music being produced by your own child is perhaps the most healing of all. It penetrates your soul in a way that you feel it. Remember those stories from a few years back where a couple had a baby in order to hopefully have stem cells or bone marrow for their older sick child? This is kind of how I feel about my children now. They are here to help me heal. I am so grateful and blessed to have them.

It felt wonderful to be in church. I felt surrounded by Love. All of the Loves.

But wait! There's more. After we got home, I finished reading the newspapers and found an inspirational story about the Snohomish Schools Superintendent. He is a 60 year old man who was diagnosed with a rare lymphoma 9 months ago. He has gone through it all--chemo, radiation, bone marrow transplant--and he will be returning to work. He is now recovering. In the article it said that no matter how weak or nauseous he felt, he walked hospital corridors pulling his IV stand along with him most everyday. He tried to always walk about a mile or a little more.

I thought if he could do it then now with my new blood, I should be able to do it, too. An hour ago, Dave and Lucas with Apolo walked along with me and I managed a mile with no hills, of course--yet. Apolo was thrilled to have his Mommy walking with him. Seriously, you could see him smile an extra big Golden Retriever smile. I have to admit when we made it back to the house, I was feeling like I'd run the mile without stopping.

My Welcome Home reward? Two wonderful neighbors to give me a hug.....
.....and some freshly baked Kaley cupcakes!

Now how cool is that??