Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Thirty-five Years Ago

Enough suffering and illness! Today I will post about our wedding. June 16 was our 35th anniversary. Before all of this cancer business happened, I was planning to write about it anyway. All of the friends who visited me last weekend were involved in our wedding and I regret I did not pull out pictures while they were here. In one of my scrap books, I found a newspaper article that had been written about our wedding and I was shocked with some of the hilarious details. Facts were mentioned that I did not even remember though I am probably the person who supplied the information.

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My gosh! We were only 20!

We were married in Helena, Montana in 1973. Both Dave and I had grown up in Helena so of course, the wedding was held at the church where I had always attended. At the time, my parents had moved to Deer Lodge where my father became principal of the high school. He had been born and raised in Deer Lodge and was looking for a change after being in Helena for years. Deer Lodge is also where I was born. Deer Lodge is a small picturesque town 56 miles from Helena on the way to Butte. A few years later, my parents returned to Helena where my mother still lives.

In my scrap book, I have a tiny newspaper article from the Helena paper. However, the Butte and Deer Lodge newspapers came through with write-ups that made us look like celebrities. Back in those days, the society pages of the newspapers in small towns were a huge deal. Here is the column about the Janet-Dave wedding from Deer Lodge's Silver State Post. Obviously, I am not including last names:

Janet and Dave of Helena were married in Helena at St. Peter's Pro-Cathedral at 12 noon on Saturday. The Very Rev. Raymond performed the double ring ceremony before an altar flanked with flowers and candelabra. Dick T. sang "Beautiful," "Charity," and "Morning Has Broken" with Imogene as organist.

The bride's father, attired in a dark red sports jacket, gave her in marriage. Her long-sleeved wedding gown, made by her mother, was of organdy with eyelit trim and an eyelit apron trimmed with dark pink ribbon. Her headdress and veil were of simple organdy with lace trim. She wore heart earrings and locket and carried pink and red garden flowers on a Bilble belonging to her sister-in-law.

The maid of honor, Tina, wore a dark pink floor length gown with long sleeves and light pink pinafore. She carried pink and red garden flowers in a basket. The bride had four other attendants, Cathy, Leslie, Barb, and Vida. Tammy, the groom's niece was flower girl. The attendants' gowns were in different shades of pink with light pink pinafores. They also carried baskets of flowers.

The bride's mother was dressed in a long dark pink gown and had a pink carnation corsage. The groom's mother chose light pink for her long skirt. She had a dark pink carnation corsage. Mike, the grooms brother, was best man. Ushers were Jim, the bride's brother, Mike, Bob, and Randy. They wore maroon tuxedos. The groom was in a white tuxedo with a pink shirt.

The wedding reception was held in the parish hall where silver service, dishes, compotes and candelabra belonging to the groom's parents decorated the table. The wedding cake was chocolate with pink frosting and decorations of flowers. The bride's sisters-in-law poured. Annie and Cathy were in charge of the guest book.

The couple left for a wedding trip to the Washington coast, the bride wearing a pink seersucker pants outfit. Upon their return, they will live in Bozeman where they are both students at MSU
. ......

The article goes on and on to list relatives and guests who were specifically from Deer Lodge and those who came from out of state. Naturally, a huge picture was with the article. I have to mention the scandalousness of our wedding. When my Mom was making my wedding dress, she was told the dark pink ribbon was inappropriate. Brides were supposed to be in all white. Red or dark pink symbolized impurity. The chocolate cake with pink frosting also caused an uproar. Wedding cakes were supposed to be white through and through which I thought to be boring. Nobody in my family liked white cake so I wanted chocolate. Finally, although our wedding was during the day time, we had candles lit everywhere. The church ladies kept telling me you did not do candles in the day. We had candles! Go ahead my dear readers and laugh at the long sleeve turtle neck dresses with aprons. At the time, I thought they were beautiful. I was trying to have a peasant flower garden type of thing.

It was a fun day and it makes me smile to think back. Who would have guessed that my good friends on that day would still be with me all of these years later??!!

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Vida, Barb, Tina, me, Cathy and Leslie.