Saturday, August 09, 2008


Every couple of years or so, we have a pair of swallows who want to nest inside our portico. Usually, they decide it is too much like Grand Central Station and they move on. This year, however, they moved in. I believe it is because I am the one who uses the front door the most and since I have been out of commission, the swallows believed our porch would be a quiet home to raise a family. Once they had a good start on the nest, we did not have the heart to knock it down and encourage them to go elsewhere.

It has been a delight for all of us to watch the progress in spite of the horrible mess right outside our front door. Like I have said before, there are certain things that used to bother me that I do not care about anymore---like a messy front porch. We watched Sammy and Sarah carefully build the nest. We watched while they took turns both male and female presumably sitting on little eggs. Not long after, I noticed some teeny tiny eggshells had fallen out of the nest. It was not long before we could see four yellow mouths squawking away while both Mom and Dad took turns feeding them.

Mom and Dad are still providing food but the baby swallows appear to be receiving flying lessons which I think would include feeding lessons. Both Mom and Dad are very attentive. I decided today to take a picture because the babies are outgrowing the nest. I do not know how much longer they will be with us. Needless to say, we have become quite attached. Friends who have come to visit have had to be a tad careful about being dive bombed by Mom and Dad but the birds seem to know we like them and they feel safe as our sublettees.

Pictures taken this morning:

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Four adorable baby swallows!

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The mess--nothing that my super power washer husband can't take care of.