Friday, August 22, 2008


I have written about gifts before. Actually, I am talking about literal gifts. People have been so generous. But you know what? Gifts really do brighten my day and they help us out. I thought after my initial diagnosis, the cards and well wishes would die down but they have not. To feel continually uplifted is an absolute joy!

For example, last Friday was Dave's birthday. His original plan was to be up in Alaska with Lucas fishing for salmon and halibut to restock our freezer. Needless to say, the trip was canceled when all of this cancer thing came about. Out of the blue, one of our neighbors dropped by the day before Dave's birthday and gave us some halibut and salmon that he had caught. Dave wanted fresh salmon to eat on his day and there it was! Pennies from heaven! Also, our Nashville buddy left us some fish as well so we are delighted.

Other neighbors have dropped by casseroles which are so appreciated. It was fun to try to explain the meaning of the word "casserole" to Magali. To her, it is merely the name of a cooking pot. Besides Dave and me, we have three young adults in the house temporarily and it has been exhausting to constantly come up with meals when I do not even like to think about food, let alone cook it or clean up after them. Another neighbor brought some peaches and home made chocolate sauce all decorated in a little basket. YUM! I cannot eat ice cream but I put the chocolate sauce on bananas and enjoyed it immensely. Also, we received this box of white nectarines which were lucious from UW people. Magali, Kaley and I sort of took care of those in good haste.

The family of "Bobby," Lucas' childhood buddy and Iraq War Veteran and hero who I have written about before, dropped by and gave me a fragrant lei from Hawaii, a hummingbird calendar, and a Pacific Northwest Bird book. I did not have a bird book! How could I not have had a bird book? It has already been a great resource. We identified an osprey hanging around during these times we have not seen our eagles as much.

My Montana friends, particularly Cathy, also continue to send me things. Cathy framed two gorgeous photos of Indian Paintbrush which is my favorite flower. I have them in a spot where I look at them from my perch. Indian Paintbrush was on the cover of our wedding invitation 35 years ago. My brother's ongoing gift to me is text picture messages and he has included Indian Paintbrush, too. He works for the Forest Service in some of the most beautiful parts of Montana and he sends me pretty phone pictures while on the job. Yesterday, he sent me one of Mama moose and baby moose in the wild. I couldn't see the moose but I know they were there! This is a wonderful gift because we have not been able to travel to the state of my birth and I am more than a little homesick for Montana.

Finally, yesterday, Dave's brother and his wife from Spokane stopped by to see us. While they were here, the hunky Fed EX guy (well, I am not dead, yet!!) delivered a fantastic bouquet of Hawaiian exotic flowers for me to smell and look at while I drink my virgin Mai Tais. The flowers were from a colleague and friend of Dave's in Hawaii.

And when the mail came, I had yet another gift. One of my longtime friends, Pat, who works with Dave (we had Kaley and she had her son David at the same time 20 years ago) sent me a lavendar filled eye cover for relaxation plus a card that sent me into sobs--wonderful words. I do not have one and it was used last night while I was relaxing in bed and Dave was watching the Olympics. Pat does not even know that my English Grandmother loved lavendar so the smell gives me great comfort. Speaking of lavendar, another of Dave's friends and colleagues sent me a basket of bath items like body wash and lotion which are also lavendar. I love it all and it will be used.

I cannot possibly list everything all of you generous people send me, nor am I able to send out thank you notes. But be assured, I am a passionate person and I appreciate each and every gift and the supportive thoughts and prayers behind each one.