Monday, August 25, 2008

My Angel Sings!

All of you who read this blog know my daughter sings. Some of you have heard her and others have not. Many of you have expressed an interest in hearing her. I made it to church yesterday because our music director, Andrea, asked Kaley to sing again while the choir is on hiatus. I am so grateful to Andrea because I do not get to hear Kaley sing as much as I would like. It got me out of bed and helped me to focus on pleasantries. Unfortunately, my flip video is filled with mostly my dog doing cute things so when we got to church, we only had a minute and a half of recording time.

The first video is Kaley singing in Italy in July. Kaley said she was not pleased with this performance but she is her toughest critic. Despite her opinion, it is beautiful. I wish the quality of these videos was better but you get an idea of her sultriness and stage presence as well as her voice.

The second video is Kaley in church yesterday. You cannot see her because she is up by the piano on the right hand side of the pews. We sit in the back in case I have to make a quick exit. But again, you can get some idea of what she sounds like!