Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Virgin Mai Tai Evening

My family in Montana is celebrating Labor Day a week early with their annual camping trip at Branham Lakes near Sheridan, Montana. My Mom, of course, will set up her tent and refuse to sleep in my brother's new little trailer. To her, camping means a tent and heaven forbid if there are more comfortable options. They are up there at about 7000 feet and I cannot breathe just thinking about it. I do know, however, that the Indian Paintbrush there are startling. They come in hot pink to pinky red to dark red and not the yellowish or orangie color I don't really like. My bridesmaid dresses were picked based on the various colors of Indian Paintbrush. I do believe there is no cell phone connection because I have not received my text pictures this weekend.

I have made a decision. I do not want to have cancer anymore. I'm done with it. I have to get through these chemos to make sure it is destroyed. When I do not feel well, it is the chemo at this point. Unfortunately, feeling sick is keeping me from being more social. I did not feel great yesterday, but I was up for sitting on my deck with a virgin Mai Tai to watch the sunset. I passed up a wine tasting. The smell of wine bothers me, I cannot eat cheese, and I can't stand up for long periods of time to socialize. Dave went for a while to pass along my greetings after enjoying the sunset with me.

My family in Montana may be having fun at 7000 feet but I am having fun at sea level. Here are some pics from last night:

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Me and my shadow.

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Magali and Lucas shared a non-Virgin Mai Tai.