Friday, September 05, 2008

Forgot the Camera Yesterday!

Friday and Saturdays after my Monday chemo tend to be a little rough. At the moment, I do not feel that great. I have some bowel issues, I feel nauseated, I am tired and a little dizzy. I have been in bed with all of my clothes on watching "The View." When I am like this I have a hard time concentrating so it is difficult to read a book or the paper. YUCK! But I'm telling you, all of this is the chemo and not the cancer. By this afternoon, I will perk up and my plan is to be with my church in the Mukilteo Festival Parade tomorrow morning. It is very important to me to spread the message of God's Love from our church to the community. I thought about carrying a sign that says "Get Your Colonoscopy!" but I think this would be a bit much. My plan is to ride in our car with my Mom, Dave and Apolo.

Anyway, yesterday was quite lovely so my Mom, Dave and I took Apolo to our newly renovated Mukilteo Lighthouse Park. Apolo went swimming and fetching sticks. He did not even care that some of them were waterlogged and sank. He swam to swim! I had not been there for months and the walk along the beach felt wonderful. But, I did forget the camera so I have no pictures of the beautiful day. On the way back, Dave wanted me to drop Apolo and him off so they could walk across Big Gulch on a trail back to our house. I guess my shadow puppy was not at all happy to be without me and kept wanting to turn around to find me. Dave had to struggle with him a bit to keep him going on the trail.

We beat them home but not by much. Apolo got a good rinsing off and was tired the rest of the day as was I. Today he is all fluffy and curly. Lucas and Magali arrived for dinner last night and Dave cooked fresh salmon. It turned out to be a great evening with good company.

I cannot emphasize enough that even when you are going through a serious illness, there are many positive times. Life still has many incredible enjoyable moments.