Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Our Favorite Commercial

Birds seem to have become a theme of my cancer journey. Obviously, when one is suffering from an illness, as I am, you do think about what is important in life. Having tons of money is not one of the things that leads to happiness. On the other hand, having good health care coverage is. Thank God we have good health care coverage and everyday I think about those people in my position who do not. Frankly, to me it is criminal. Every person should be able to receive the best treatment available regardless of their position on the economic scale of matters. Each time I go in for chemo, the cost is about $15,000 and I have had seven chemos so far. Dave makes a good salary and we have savings but no way could we survive my illness financially without our health insurance through the UW.

Anyway, Washington has a lottery system. I am not really that approving of lotteries but I absolutely love their currently running commercial. Basically, it asks what you would do if you had the money. Hang gliders take it upon themselves to make certain birds who do not fly have a chance to fly. The ad makes me cry and laugh at the same time. I do worry that the ostrich may suffer a heart attack----I mean, God made him in a way that he is not supposed to fly but he gets the ride of his life nevertheless.

Every time the ad comes on, I receive a wonderful feeling throughout my body. Ha! A Washington Lottery ad helping someone like me heal from cancer--who would have have thunk it??!!