Sunday, September 07, 2008

We Made It!

My Mom had no idea when she flew here from Montana this time that she would be in a parade, go to the beach, eat crab and salmon, and sit in our bath tub to watch the Mukilteo fireworks. Don't fret--we all had our clothes on. It is just that our new bathroom has a pretty good view of the fireworks from Mukilteo Lighthouse Park over and above the trees, of course.

I did make it to the parade yesterday and I saw and hugged many many friends from my town who were genuinely happy to see me out and about. The parade coordinator is a neighbor and good friend and he is always happy to see our church participate. Our entry involved our choir singing in a truck; our Boy Scouts and priest carrying our banner; members handing out tea lights with our church information; children handing out candy and dog bisquits; people walking along with dogs; and our piece de resistance----our unique cars. We had a cherry red VW convertable bug with Golden Retriever, a Cougar, an Alfa Romeo, and our Lapis blue Jaguar with Golden Retriever Apolo (barking)! All of our vehicles carry signs about our activites and our car had the sign about our cancer fund raiser participation like "Race for the Cure." We won a blue ribbon which is pretty good considering the Indian Casino floats were outstanding.

The weather was nice and all of it perked me up for the afternoon. I was tired by evening but still was able to sit on the side of my bath tub to watch the fireworks after dark. Our deck was warm last night so we enjoyed our drinks in the sunshine before cooking some hamburgers.

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Mom and me.

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Dave and me.

UPDATE: The kindness of people overwhelms me. I want to be able to pay all of the gifts I have received forward. I was a little bored this afternoon so I took myself to the store which is not something I have been able to do much. I found some mums for my front porch at Rite Aid but I really wanted another bouquet for my table. I just love flowers. Needless to say, QFC had nothing that appealed to me in my price range so I came home without. But a kind neighbor just brought me some beautiful flowers that look lovely on my table---just because they were thinking of me. How are such wonderful gifts possible during this struggle? I am so grateful.