Monday, October 20, 2008

First Outing

Since my diagnosis, I have not really been on any kind of outing except for my medical appointments, my walks, and an occasional brief trip to the store or the beach. On Saturday, Lucas came over for dinner because Magali was ice climbing on Mt. Baker and he asked us to come and visit them to see their apartment. Yesterday afternoon, I felt well enough to take a little trip into Seattle's Ravenna neighborhood where they live. It was fun to see their living space and to realize it is just steps away from our first apartment in Seattle. After we visited them, we drove by our first apartment near 55th and 25th behind Kidd Valley Hamburgers. Kidd Valley was there 29 years ago as it is today and our apartment looked pretty much identical.

We proceeded to drive into the Wedgewood neighborhood to see our first rental house but we made a side trip to Top Pot Doughnuts. I regretted that we did not stay and bought some things to go. I was up for sitting with a cup of coffee which I have not done for months I realized a few minutes later after we were back in the car. Chomping down on delicious fresh doughnuts, we drove past our first little house at 89th and 35th and then circled the block in Jackson Park at 130th and 15th where we bought our first house. All the while we were discussing the early years in Seattle, our babies, and the beautiful fall foliage. Finally, we stopped at Central Market in Mill Creek and found some food to cook for dinner. Believe me, when we got home, I was tired but we had a delightful and normal Sunday afternoon. It felt so wonderful to me.

The funniest event of the weekend was my discovery that our master bathroom is becoming famous. A couple of weeks ago, we received a life and homestyle magazine with our newspaper. I have kept it around to look at some the remodels they featured and a couple of their recipes. I swear I had looked through it about three times. While Lucas was here, I was leafing through it again and noticed an ad which featured a bathroom. My first thought was "Wow, those people's bathroom looks kind of like ours!" My second thought was "Wait a minute. Those are my candle holders. THIS IS OUR BATHROOM in the home and lifestyle magazine." I showed it to Dave and Lucas and we had a good laugh. I mean I was reading the recipe on the same page and did not even notice.

The ad was placed by our contractors for their kitchen and bath remodel business with two photos---one of someone's kitchen and the other being our master bath. We decided to visit their website and sure enough, our bathroom is featured as an example of their work with several pictures. We are delighted. We love our bathroom and it has made my illness more bearable in a number of ways. I will provide the link so that those of you who are interested can sneak a peek. Our bathroom is the thumbnail in the middle and if you click on it, you will find more pictures. Actually, ours is the only bathroom included in their portfolio:


All in all, the weekend was nice. Today, I am having the yucky one week later chemo effects because the steroids have worn off but I still made it on my walk today with Apolo. I can do this.

I can endure it for three more times. Yes, I can!