Sunday, October 26, 2008

Some This and That

1. Chemo. Out of the two weeks, I seem to get one afternoon of feeling near normal. Right at this moment, I feel pretty good and it will stay this way for a good share of the afternoon. But, of course, tomorrow morning I go in for my 10th chemo and I start the coping and enduring all over again. The other day, I caught myself saying, "This damn chemo." I realized immediately the error of my ways because the damn chemo is working to save my life. It is saving my life!

2. Fire. Poor Kaley. She lives in a century old five story apartment building next to campus in Walla Walla. On Thursday night, a fire erupted in the basement. The firefighters banged on the door of Kaley's 5th floor apartment to get her and her roommates, the last residents to evacuate, out of there. It was 1 AM and Kaley was terrified moving through the smokey hallway and down five flights of stairs. Luckily, the fire was limited and everything was taken care of within an hour---but still! I cried thinking of my child being in such danger and scared. Here is the link to the story in the Walla Walla newspaper:

3. Wedding. Yesterday, our niece, Lisa, was married to Andrew. We are so fond of both of them. I had been anticipating this wedding for weeks because I desperately wanted to feel normal enough to attend. We had already given up reservations in Vancouver to watch Apolo Ohno skate in a World Cup competition for the weekend because I knew such a trip was impossible with how I have been feeling. But a wedding close by? Though Lisa grew up in Spokane, she now lives and works in Seattle and the wedding was local. I kept thinking I could tolerate a short drive down the freeway, a short ceremony, and then we could play it by ear for the rest of the day. Both Friday morning and yesterday were tough for me. I was not so much in pain as I just felt like I had been hit by a truck. I was most comfortable prone in my bed. I would tell Dave I couldn't get ready---getting dressed up was just too much. I told him to go without me but this was not what I wanted at all. I would fiddle my my last strands of hair then lie down; I would put on a little make up then lie down. Finally, I mustered the strength to put on my rather heavy necklace with matching earrings and we started down the freeway with the understanding we would turn around if I did not perk up.

Even though we became completely lost in Kirkland, we arrived with five minutes to spare. My niece looked gorgeous in her mermaid strapless gown. Our other niece, Lisa's sister, was maid of honor and she looked darling in a red strapless dress. Our nephew and his wife who live in London flew in with their new baby. We had not seen him in years. Lisa's other brother and his wife and child were also there along with Dave's brother and sister in law. Everything was beautiful. The fall flower arrangements were combined with pumpkins. The food was catered by one of Seattle's best restaurants. The best thing about it was that I enjoyed myself and I actually socialized. I learned that my sister in law's sister from Wisconsin is praying for me and has me on her church's prayer list. Wow! Wisconsin. Who would have thought? Dave and I even danced and at that point I became emotional. I do believe the photographer took a photo at the moment I teared up. Oh well. I lost my vanity a few weeks ago. We stayed longer than I ever thought was possible and I was so happy we made it!

4. Halloween. Yikes! I do not even have any candy though I do think we have some left from last year someplace in the pantry. I cannot believe it is this week. The good news is I do not need any type of costume. This is a current picture of me only with even less hair:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

And, as a matter of fact, my body looks like a skeleton so in your minds, simply replace the Hawaiian shirt with bones and there ya go! No costume needed whatsoever.

Hmmm. I am wondering if Dave should answer the door this year??!!