Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Most Touching Gift

One of my best friends from my childhood created the most wonderful gift. Cathy and I have been friends since the second grade. For first grade, I had attended Helena's ghetto school. My parents bought a house on the growing east side of Helena and we moved out of the tiny basement apartment in the middle of town. Second grade landed me in a brand new school figuratively and literally. I was faced with a whole new set of children I had never seen before and Cathy, the prettiest little blonde girl, befriended me right away. We are still the best of friends and Cathy remains an attractive blonde. She has visited me twice from Montana since my diagnosis.

Yesterday, the UPS man left a box on my porch and I was puzzled. I have not yet gone through catalogs or ordered anything online for Christmas. But then I noticed the box was from Cathy. She sent me two hand painted wine glasses along with a poem she wrote for me. Needless to say, I melted into a puddle of tears. The poem is on pink paper with some Indian Paintbrush in the margins. I am so moved and touched by the gesture that I can't do anything but tear up about it. Here is the poem Cathy wrote for me:


The news I received in June made me cry
How could this be, I don't want to die

The road has been hard, the road has been long
But the Lord has faithfully kept me strong

Friends have supported me from far and near
And they will be so very happy to hear

The last one has finally come
Chemo is thankfully done

At this point I have to say
I've looked forward to this day

As Dave goes to the cellar I must boast
about the bottle he will bring for the toast

It will be one of his very special wines
And I know it will taste deliciously fine

We will bring the glasses to our lips
And savor the taste as we sip

We will proclaim with a great big cheer
The last one is finally here

Love, Cathy

Thank you so much dear friend. The gift is beyond words and appreciated more than I can say. Thank you for being there and here for me.