Sunday, December 21, 2008


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Santa's back with his head still attached.

The Puget Sound area had another storm move through yesterday afternoon and last night. It was predicted to be crazy and insane with high winds and snow. Some areas did receive more extreme conditions than others. We did not have wind but we did end up with five more inches of snow on top of snow that never melted. This is highly unusual.

About a week and a half ago, I started to worry about how we would get our daughter home for Christmas. Clearly, I was not going to let her drive which she did successfully at Thanksgiving. Actually, they have had so much snow in Walla Walla that her car has been buried and out of sight for weeks. Kaley, being born and raised in Seattle, does not drive in the snow. One thought I had was to have Dave fly to Walla Walla and drive her home but the weather predictions were not looking good for this option. In fact, Snoqualmie Pass was closed last night and this morning. We managed to get her on a 6:55 AM Alaska/Horizon flight out of Walla Walla yesterday morning with only two seats left to Seattle. We lucked out with this window of opportunity because by yesterday afternoon most Alaska flights were cancelled as they are still today. Thousands are stranded at Sea-Tac airport indicated in the article linked below. Kaley has friends stuck in Walla Walla unable to get to Portland or anywhere else. Oh man, I am thankful she got here easily.

Last night, Lucas and Magali decided to hunker down with us for the storm. If the power goes out, we still have two fireplaces, a gas stove and an outdoor BBQ. In their little apartment in Seattle, they would have had trouble without power. But alas, the storm did not cause us too much trouble. We decided to go play in the snow last night. I was not feeling great nor am I this morning but I just had to go outside. Unfortunately, Apolo pulled my weak self down and I fell flat on my stomach and bumped my jaw. My left arm was a little twisted, too. It scared me because I am not supposed to bump my port access in my right shoulder. I was not really hurt at all but the episode upset me. After coming in the house and shedding a few tears, my wise daughter lectured me about how I need to embrace and accept how my body feels. The cancer drugs are doing their thing and the objective is to save my life. I do find myself feeling sorry for myself instead of recognizing that right at the moment, this is my life.

I knew there was a reason we lucked out on getting our beautiful daughter home. How is it that I ended up with such wonderful children? I thank God everyday for them.

Update: I ventured outside again and I did not fall this time. Ok, I was only out for a few minutes to take a picture of our snow person built by my kids.

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Me, Magali, and Lucas