Sunday, December 28, 2008

Church Today

It is difficult for me to get anywhere or do much of anything in the mornings. Happily, I made it to church today with Lucas, Dave, and Kaley and was able to listen to Kaley sing three solo Christmas carols. The entire service was enjoyable. Two babies were baptized and along with them we all renewed our Baptismal vows. The music director also had a brass quartet playing carols before during and after the service. Our priest's sermon was inspiring for me to think about the new year ahead.

Because of our treacherous weather, many people did not make it to church on Christmas eve but today the church was full. Our outreach to needy families with gifts and groceries has been delayed until this week so we did not feel left out of this ministry. The morning was joyful. Christmas is just getting started and off the ground around here. After church, Kaley even drove herself to the mall to shop along with everybody else which she had not been able to do since arriving home. Although the snow is pretty much gone at our house, the white stuff is still very much around up the hill and in the church parking lot but the streets are drivable at least around here.

Our priest, who lives only 25 or 30 minutes away from the church, has really struggled with the snow making this a difficult Christmas for her. Where she lives, in Woodinville, has been dumped on and dumped on. Even today, she went off the road from her home and did not make our early service. I was thankful she made it to the 10 AM service since I had my own challenges, too.

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Our priest, Cynthia, at her home on Christmas Day BEFORE another 6 inches of snow fell.

UPDATE: Here is a link to Cynthia's wonderful Christmas column in the Worship section of our local paper, the Mukilteo Beacon: