Friday, December 19, 2008

Look for Each Day's Gifts

Like this morning's view out my back window:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Snow at sea level on Camano Island.

In addition, I have a list of more positive aspects of my life in the last couple of days:

1. Having my family around makes me feel more normal and it keeps my mind off of myself. Lucas and Magali have been here this week and they are such a delightful and funny couple of kids. I enjoy them. As I said below, my Mom was also here. There is nothing like having your Mom around when you do not feel well. She did create a problem, however. She would get up earlier than the rest of us and Apolo liked this very much. Now that she has left, he is waking us up way too early with his baby high pitched barks. He wants Grandma to get up with him, still.

2. The snow is gorgeous and we took a lovely walk in it yesterday afternoon. Apolo loves everything about it. He digs the ice and chases snow balls and rolls himself over and over.

3. My hair does not seem to be falling out anymore. The new drug may change this after the next couple of chemo sessions. But again, they told me that like the other chemo drug, this may thin my hair but should not cause it to all fall out. I really am grateful I am not bald. It is much too cold outside for that.

4. Three hours after my blood was drawn in Everett yesterday, I received a call from Seattle Cancer Care about my results. (Fast--I was impressed!) I was a little scared they would find something to delay my chemo session when I got the message or something more frightening. But no, everything is good to go for Monday except my potassium levels were a little low. No big deal except Dave had to take to the treacherous streets again to get me potassium pills. One of the side effects of low potassium is tiredness and after taking the pill last night, I do feel a little better this morning.

5. While Dave was at the store, he ran into Lucas' doctor who also happens to be a neighbor of ours. He told Dave the story of one of his patients with colon cancer much like mine with multiple liver tumors. This was six years ago and today she is fine. Dave coming home with a story like this was truly a wonderful gift for my spirits.

6. And finally, I have been hearing this weird noise in our bedroom ceiling. We have had rats up there before. But, it seems to be the weeping cedar hitting our new stone cold rubber roof. There was no breeze at all last night and the ceiling was quiet. Yes, for the gift of no rats----hopefully.

Look for the gifts in your daily lives. They are there if you are paying attention.