Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Dave had no presents from me under the tree thanks to our snow and UPS. It seems as though FedEx had fewer problems. They managed to get my online orders to Montana in horrible weather conditions on the day I requested. But getting packages from Everett to Mukilteo by UPS? Nope. Kaley's presents to us also did not make it so we will continue to have Christmas in the tradition of the twelve days until Epiphany on January 6.

Dave's present to me was a new cell phone since my other one died a while back. When he handed it to me to open it was ringing. He had stopped the service to my old phone when he purchased this one. When I opened it, there was a video message from a blonde little girl. Immediately, I assumed it was a promotional message from Verizon. But no, the darling little girl was singing Jingle Bells and Kaley recognized her as my nephew's daughter clear from Glendive, Montana. It was hilarious to receive that as my first message on my new phone.

Christmas present always reminds us of times past. Two of my childhood buddies, Vida and Cathy, called me the other night and we had a little conference call from Billings, Montana. We started to talk about the Christmas of the "Barbie." Montana was a couple of years late to the initial craze of the very first Barbie dolls. For us, they hit Helena when we were in the fourth grade, Christmas 1963. Vida and I were both devastated to not receive our Barbies from Santa that Christmas. Of course, Cathy got hers plus some accessories. They were expensive dolls in those days with intricate and well-made clothes. If I recall, the price was $4.00 which these days would be about $20 or $30 and the clothes were even more expensive. Vida told the story of how a couple of days after Christmas, her Dad took her to the one store in Helena which carried the doll. After some discussion and tears, her Dad relented. As for me, I knew my birthday was coming in two weeks so I had another chance. Sure enough, my Barbie was my birthday present along with doll clothes my Mom had made. My Mom did not remember me being upset about not getting Barbie from Santa but she surmised she delayed the gift so she could finish making the clothes for it.

We have had a nice Christmas today even if we did not receive all of our UPS packages. Apolo ate his share of wrapping paper and cardboard and as usual, we laughed at him a number of times. Christmas is more than undelivered or unreceived presents. The most important Gift of all to us will never let us down.

Merry Christmas. May the Joy and Peace of Christ be with each and every one.

Love to all,

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