Wednesday, January 14, 2009


For several years now, Kaley has thrown a large Christmas party for her friends. This year when she asked me if she could once again have her party, I said yes. Again, I thought I would not be on chemo. When I learned otherwise, the party invites had gone out and I did not want her to cancel her popular party. Even though my life is totally off kilter, I have this great desire for my husband and children to continue as best they can with their normal activities. Her party was after New Year's because her best buddie, Alexandra, who helps her with the event did not return home from Peru after visiting her grandparents until January 2. Kaley did all of the cooking and preparations; Dave did some housecleaning and shopping and I watched. Usually, I mingle a bit with the kids as they arrive but this year I did not want to frighten them with the "Nick Nolte" effect so I retreated to my bedroom for the evening.

And to be honest, my blood draws have shown my potassium to be low. My oncologist put me on a prescription supplement that caused stomach cramping. During much of Kaley's party, I was in bed attempting to figure out and deal with this one of a number of issues that crop up for me. Nevertheless, her party was a great success even without Nick Nolte.

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The siblings: Two sets of siblings who have known each other since Lucas and Arthur were in kindergarten together. At the time, Martina was a baby and Kaley and Alexandra were three years old. L to R, Martina, Kaley, Alexandra, Lucas and Arthur.

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Andrea, Alexandra, and Kaley. The threesome who throw the yearly shindig.

Sunday was not such a good day for me. I had felt quite well during the wonderful visit with my Mom and brother. About a week after my chemo, when the drugs treating the side effects wear off, I have a difficult time. Let's call it extreme gasiness. The chemo inflames my intestinal system so what might be normal gas under normal circumstances instead can cause me intense pain. We watched the Golden Globes on Sunday evening and while Steven Spielberg was receiving his lifetime achievement award, I was doubled over and unable to function. I quickly got ready for bed, took some pain medication and within a few minutes in bed, I relaxed and was able to watch until the end.

We were rooting for Leonardo DiCaprio especially after Kate Winslet had won two Golden Globes and I did not want to miss a thing. Kaley, Lucas and Magali had seen their latest movie, "Revolutionary Road." Evidently, the movie is an intense drama and not particularly entertaining except for the fact that Leo and Kate give astounding performances. Kaley has been a huge fan of Leo and Kate since "Titanic." Kaley was in the fourth grade when this movie first came out and it was a huge hit with the pre-teen and teen aged girls. I loved the movie as well and had no problem taking Kaley to the theater more than once to see it. In fact, her 10th birthday party was an entire row of fourth grade girls at the theater for "Titanic." Kaley was dressed in a lime green sweater set and lime green straw hat. She was so darn cute, in charge of the situation and excited. Needless to say, seeing the outcome of the Golden Globes with both actors nominated in their first ever reunion after "Titanic" was a priority for us. We were supremely disappointed that Leo lost to Mickey Rourke.

Under normal circumstances, Dave and I have seen several of the nominated performances for the Golden Globes and the Oscars. This year is not normal though I probably could manage a movie now and then. For me, it has been more comfortable to wait for the DVD's to arrive in our mailbox through Netflix. Last night, Dave, Kaley and I watched Mama Mia. I had heard that people either hate it or love it without much in between. I knew I would enjoy it and I expected Dave to hate it and leave the room. But no, he LOVED it and felt like it was totally entertaining. I loved it as well. Kaley.....?....well, she enjoyed watching it with us but to her the music and the singing were so bad that it detracted from the pure fun of it.

Seriously, Pierce Brosnen and Meryl Streep acting completely ridiculous---what is better than this?