Saturday, January 10, 2009


We seem to be having 100 year floods every year now. You cannot have foot after foot of snow in the lowlands and the mountains with a warm up to 50 degrees without serious consequences. Mudslides, avalanches, and rivers over their banks surround us on all sides. For a while, all of the mountain passes were closed and I-5 was closed between Portland and Seattle. The Puget Sound area was totally isolated. We also made the national news. Our area was spared because the hills are steep enough for the water to have a direct route into the Sound. But 10 minutes away, in the Snohomish Valley, it was an entirely different story. The Snohomish River flooded the entire valley and eaked its way into the town of Snohomish. Yesterday, Dave took my brother, my Mom, and Lucas to take a look. They came home with some pictures:

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Closed Road--water where it should not be.

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Lucas thought this was hilarious---not such a good parking spot.

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Snohomish River, Snohomish, WA