Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Year's Day

As usual, we have been watching the Rose Parade. I remember back in the day when color TV's first came out and people were excited to be able to view the Rose Parade in color. The Rose Parade was the standard. Now it is HD and digital and blah blah. All I know is that even regular TV these days is infinitely better than the first color TV's. When we were first married, we still had black and white. It was what we were used to and the picture was much clearer than color in those days.

My spirits were down in the previous couple of days but I was better yesterday afternoon, last night and today. First of all, UPS finally came through and delivered the rest of our Christmas presents last night. We were able to have another little Christmas before my children headed out to their New Year's Eve party. The TV and the newspapers have covered the problems UPS has had. Frankly, I think they failed. FedEx did fine. UPS should have put out trucks and extra workers the minute the roads were passable on Friday but they did not do anything extra until last night, finally.

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Going Together to the Same Party in Seattle! Mom liked that!

Secondly, my husband is a scientist which we all know. Although, he works as a toxicologist and public health infectious disease person, his original PhD is in pharmacology. He has studied the liver extensively and knows a whole lot about every drug pulsing through my system. He discovered a newly published research paper about Celebrex. This arthritis drug has been known for a while now to prevent colon polyps but the new research indicates it also may have a positive effect on reducing colon cancer tumors. Dave contacted my oncologist yesterday who had not seen the paper but was willing to add Celebrex to my daily cocktail of medicines. The prescription was filled last night. In addition, it should help reduce my gut pain. Yep, taking that pill last night felt like another gift dropping out of the sky.

Our New Year consisted of watching Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper on CNN. We had a little champagne and did not make it until midnight. However, our poor puppy could not handle a few neighborhood fireworks so Dave spent about a half an hour with him to stop his crying. I was asleep. Some time after that, I heard a big boom which did not wake up the dog or Dave.

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Concerned Puppy Last Night!

And with that, we entered this New Year. Happy New Year to you all!