Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Triumph and triumphant. I like these words. Now that we enter a new year, I do believe I want to incorporate them into my daily life. Saying the words out loud gives strength. Of course, the words are found in Christmas carols and this is why they came into my head this morning. Many issues lurk before me and my prayer is to be triumphant in dealing with everything.

Dave and I were reminiscing with Lucas and Kaley about our childhood Christmases. We give them the creeps about growing up so closely together. They liken our marriage as between cousins or something similar. But I assure them that even though we went to the same elementary school and grew up three blocks from each other, we have no DNA in common. True, Kaley was born with a funny toe but neither of my children has webbed feet. Dave's parents moved to Montana from southern Kansas in the 1940's. My Dad's English immigrant parents, after a stint in Washington State, moved to Montana in 1917. And my Mom's family has been in Montana since Civil War times.

Anyway, we were remembering that back in the 60's, all of the church choirs in Helena would join together and sing at Christmas in the Civic Center. Dave was in his children's choir at the First Christian Church and I was in the children's choir at St. Peter's Episcopal Church. We did not know of each other's existence. Both of us participated in the concerts and they made lasting impressions on us as adults. Specifically, I recall walking down the aisles through the audience singing "Oh Come All Ye Faithful." Our robes were all different colors and the joining of our voices was exciting especially for the children like us involved. All of the choirs in the city singing together is one of my most beautiful Christmas memories. And it is for Dave as well. Our kids could not believe the story.

As for "triumphant," I sewed a button on Kaley's coat this morning. Seriously, with my gimpy fingers, I had trouble threading the needle. I then dropped the button and Kaley had to crawl on the floor and retrieve it from under the couch. But I managed to accomplish this meaningful task for my darling child. Life is good.