Friday, January 23, 2009

Yep, I am Getting Better!

Yesterday, I went through both a PET scan and a CAT scan. They do not seem to have a DOG scan, at least not yet. Let me say, the tests are not fun. It took three hours and my bladder had to be catheterized which is a most unpleasant experience. In addition, they make me drink this Barium stuff which tears my stomach apart all night and into the next morning. The best thing I can say is that when you are in excrutiating pain, the results of a couple of tests are not foremost on your mind.

This afternoon, we went in to meet with my oncologist to find out what the results reveal about my situation. The nervousness in addition to my stomach ache was unbearable until I had this vision of all of your prayers flowing into me. Seriously, I pictured this in my mind and felt like I was going to be OK. I do believe this is God's Peace which passes all human understanding except that I understood it. I do not have the "passes all human understanding" part figured out yet. I work on it everyday.

The good news is both scans showed that the new chemo drug is working to shrink my tumors. Everything looked much better than last time. In fact, according to the radiologist, the new chemo is working quite well. The plan is to continue the same regimen four more times or two months and then repeat the CAT scan. I am so relieved. The last scan which showed increasing tumor size was difficult to handle and going through two more months of chemo after that knowing the last chemo stopped working was not so easy. I can handle two, four or even six more months of this if I know the chemo cocktail is having a positive effect. The liver tumor experts at UW want more shrinkage before they go in and start zapping individual tumors with whatever new technology they have. The other good news is that they did some type of geno-typing on the biopsy of my colon tumor and it showed that drug number three up my oncologist's sleeve should also work on getting rid of or controlling my cancer. He told me this was good news to file away for the future.

Yes, I do have to continue with chemo. But things are going in the right direction and I am getting better. This is a long and difficult tunnel I am traveling through but I'm gonna be ok with God's help and with all of the thoughts and prayers flowing into me from all of you!