Friday, January 09, 2009

Yesterday Was My Birthday!

I turned 56 yesterday. Birthdays are a premium as one ages and especially so if one is sick with a serious illness. I still cannot believe I am in the pickle I'm in but it is what it is.

My Mom and my only sibling, my brother, flew out here to be with us for my birthday. I have felt pretty good. When they made the original plans, I thought I'd be off chemo and feeling somewhat my old self again but that was not to be. Last night, I made reservations at Ivar's for seven members of my family. I have not been out to dinner since before my diagnosis last June and I was a little scared. I still do not enjoy food and I do not always feel very well. But I was determined to enjoy myself watching my family enjoy a meal out. Celebrating my birthday was important to me.

Earlier yesterday, between rain drops, my Mom, my brother, Dave and me took Apolo to Picnic Point Beach so he could swim and have fun. Also, I wanted to go to a beach for my birthday. I could not believe all of the storm debris. I found some small but lovely pieces of driftwood to bring home and Apolo had the time of his life. Nobody was there so we let him run free. I was a little tired after the outing and hoped I had not messed up my plans for the evening.

However, I perked up by the time of our reservations and our dinner out was highly enjoyable. They had a white King Salmon choice that agreed with me. But then, my brother secretly ordered for me a slice of chocolate decadence with a candle as a surprise. Shockingly, I ate the whole thing. I still cannot believe I ate the entire slice but I did and luckily, I seem to be ok today. Going out to dinner is one of the activities I have liked the most in my life. Although, I did not savor the food for the amount of money it cost, I still had a wonderful time with my family and they had fun and appreciated being able to be out with me.