Monday, February 09, 2009

I'm still here!

[Janet speaking, dictated by Dave]:

I just want to wear pearls, and sweeters and get dressed fast! And have fun. I gave my family a scare- again. I guess I bled in my stomach on Saturday; the ordeal took the whole day, and everybody rushed around. I'm sorry. I woke up surprise to find everyone looking at me. And I asked them "Did I scare you?" Evidently I did, in a big way. I'm stabilized now, but I'm very, very weak, and I'm not quite sure how I'm going to pull myself through this. Its very, very hard. 'Mother' Cynthia told me that I didn't have to do a thing but let my body heal and let the Healer heal me.

I'll let Dave add his comments on it at this point.

From Dave:

First, let me thank all of Janet's many faithful friends and blog readers for the tremendous amount of support we have both received over these past trying weeks. Many of you know what we've been through the last few days, and Janet captured the essence of it above. It appears that the chemo she's been receiving for the past 7 months did a number on her insides-- and of course the trauma and stress of a ruptured colon and the surgery, procedures and drugs that followed added to that insult. For the past week she had been bleeding in her stomach somewhere, and it didn't want to stop. It increased dramatically sometime during late Friday night / early Saturday morning. Her hematocrit (% of blood that is red blood cells; normal is 35-45%) went from 27% to 11% overnight, and they had to rush her up to the ICU again. Although Saturday was nearly her last day with us, her spirit somehow pulled through, and late Saturday evening she 'came to', and they removed her 'breathing machine'. Soon thereafter came the 'Did I scare you?' comment. Undoubtedly the understatement of the year!!

But, due to prayer, good luck, obstenence and strong will, she has continued to improve - baby steps perhaps, but improve none-the-less-- for the past two days. She still has a long road to haul, but we are determined to get her home to her beloved Apolo and her Eagle protectors. Perhaps the Orcas will pay her a visit when she gets home.